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Killarney Blarney is a traditional-based Irish band from Madison, Wisconsin.  They made their debut performance in the spring of 2012, and have been playing venues in and around the Midwest ever since. Specifically venues downtown Milwaukee such as Mos Irish Pub, Trinity Three Irish Pub, and The Irish Pub for their parade day and Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.  

Killarney Blarney has been nominated for a WAMI in the Folk/Celtic Artist category several times. They released a new studio album in March 2020.

Irish music is a great joy for us, whether we are performing, playing at home for fun, or simply listening and enjoying. 

​Our specialty is traditional Irish music - rebel songs, ballads, drinking songs, love songs, songs about pirates, reels and jigs to get up and shake your arse to - but with a modern element that reflects our diverse musical tastes and backgrounds.




Mateja comes from a classical background in art song and opera receiving her B.A. in vocal performance from Santa Clara University in 2006.  She fell in love with Irish music and culture in her early teens, and has seized opportunities ever since then to explore and perform Irish music wherever possible.  Mateja also has a doctorate in linguistics, and loves using these skills to be able to sing in Irish more and more. 



Adam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business with an emphasis in piano performance from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville in 2005.  After college Adam moved to the Madison area. He has been teaching piano and guitar for fifteen years. Currently Adam is teaching at the Arboretum Music School in Waunakee.  He stays active performing at many local venues with a variety of artists and styles.  You can see him perform in Martini Three(jazz/pop standards), The Benders(classic rock) and, Killarney Blarney.



Ela transformed an early affinity for violin into a degree in music performance from the UW. She’s been in demand as a violinist and fiddler since she’s been an undergrad.  She also plays in classical quartets, bluegrass in No Name String Band and drums with the Handphibians. Ela's intricate bow work and laid-back approach bring a freshness to even the oldest tunes, and are essential to our originals. She puts on the sauce when it's called for, too.



Jeff, recent graduate of UW-Madison’s School of Music, is already a master bassist with dazzling artistic prowess. Awarded the 2012 Madison Area Music Award for best bassist of the year, Jeff brings to the Wail a mesmerizing technical facility on the fretboard, a sophisticated and versatile style, and a powerful ability to create musical ambiance and rapport. Jeff studied under Richard Davis for five years and was principle bassist for UW-Madison’s Symphony Orchestra. Jeff’s music reflects a broad application of classical and jazz influences.


Kit Drums

Joey, long-time veteran of the Madison blues/psychedelic/jam rock scene.  A founding member of the beloved group Elf Lettuce, he currently plays with several bands including Sweet Delta Dawn and Mike & Friends.

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